The Invitation – IT’S NOT TOO LATE … another race, another chance.

Yaounde Int’l Marathon, December 17, 2017

You are invited to adopt me as your Mission Marathoner. HOW? ... by sponsoring one or both of these 2 amazing ministry opportunities in Cameroon.
The Robinson R66 Helicopter
  • $60,000
  • Olimometer 2.52
  • Amount Raised: $16,222
Helping Hands Children’s Home
  • $40,000
  • Olimometer 2.52
  • Amount Raised: $12,771

Explore the tabs on this webpage and join this effort to raise $100,000 for deep and meaningful impact in Cameroon. I invite you to adopt me on this, my second Marathon. My hope – through raising awareness and inviting your involvement, to witness life changing impact in Cameroon, that God’s Word be made known, His compassion experienced and Christ’s kingdom be expanded for all eternity.  The San Francisco Marathon has come and gone and soon Yaounde’s too will be history, but the projects remain in need.  Your participation is still invited.

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I invite you to adopt me as your missionary marathoner through involvement in one or more of the following ways. Join me to the finish line, which remains before us as we continue to raise awareness and invite folks to be a part of what God is doing in Cameroon.

1- Pray for this effort. Please pray that not only will folks respond generously and as able, but even more importantly that God would be glorified through these ministries, making them fruitful, easing suffering and blessing lives in Cameroon as the Gospel advances.

2 – Advocate for the sponsorship of these projects by passing this message to your friends, social networking communities, your church or Sunday School class, perhaps your small group or other places of fellowship where like-minded believers want to engage the needy world strategically in ways that occur through these kinds of ministries.   Share this message and invite others to consider involvement.

3 – Give.  Would you consider donating a gift of $100 to one or both of these ministries? I suggest that figure because it makes for easy math. Only 1,000 people need to respond at that amount to arrive at the stated goal of raising $100,000. If Advocacy is strong, this message could reach 10s of thousands of people, maybe more. Any sized gift will be deeply appreciated. No gift is too small; none too large. The reality is that both of the featured ministries have needs beyond the goals I have stated here. You can read more about the specifics by clicking these tabs on the home page – “The R66 Helicopter” and/or “Helping Hands Children’s Home”. Inside these sections you will find the web links for on-line giving and address info for sending a check. I do not expect to handle any of the money being donated. All gifts will be processed directly through the ministries (JAARS and/or WinOurNations – the mission overseeing Helping Hands Children’s Home), which will provide you with a charitable giving receipt for income tax purposes. Your gift to either or both ministries will be 100% applied to the project. (The exception… credit card donations are assessed by their bank approx. 3%). In Cameroon, cash gifts or CMB transfers can be arranged by contacting NGWA Concilia at

I am a missionary pilot.  The marathoning is a fun way to point folks to these projects needing help. Please, its not too late to adopt me as your missionary marathoner and spread the word to others, inviting involvement. Above all, pray. This is where the real work begins and where miracles are born.