About the Missionary Aviator


Some of the readers of this site will not know me personally. So here I hope to briefly introduce myself and my mission work in Cameroon. My name is Daryl Young. Together with my adorable wife Sun we have 3 rascally children that complete our family and render us extremely blessed.

After living for more than a year in France to learn French, together with my family we moved to Cameroon in 2002 to begin our work in the Aviation Department of SIL Cameroon. Since that time I have served primarily as a pilot-mechanic, with additional roles at various times such as Chief Pilot, Aviation Safety Officer and Aviation Department Manager.

I’ve enjoyed the amazing privilege of piloting 2 different airplanes, a Cessna 206 and a Cessna 207 with a Soloy turbine engine conversion. Using these “tools” (and our helicopter) our department helps to transport people and goods into remote and distant places, sometimes even into neighboring countries. Our primary objective is to support mission work, including Bible translation efforts, or other language development work, and other forms of mission work occurring within the range of our aircraft, often enabling medical care where otherwise not possible. Secondarily we support other community development, government and conservation efforts.

Our small department is in need of more trained aviators. Currently we have 3 airplane pilot-mechanics, one aircraft mechanic (temp), one helicopter pilot, and soon, 2 more pilot-mechanics. (Also an aircraft mechanic is preparing to join us, but his family’s arrival is still over a year from now). Visit https://www.jaars.org/serve/aviation to learn more about the needs in our mission for aviators around the world.

The first airplane to serve with SIL Cameroon came in 1975. (I was in elementary school at that time). Cameroon’s 270 languages had and still have many needs for language development and Bible translation. Since early on, the SIL aircraft have served the needs of many other mission organizations and have performed many emergency medical flights.

My wife, Sun, also contributes to the mission work. Currently she serves in the finance office at Rain Forest International School (RFIS), where our 3 children have attended. Our eldest just graduated on June 9 this year. Entering her into college is the primary reason we traveled to California this past summer. Visit www.rfis.org to have a glimpse and to learn more about this wonderful school’s need for teachers and faculty. Also see how it is impacting “kingdom” work throughout the region by providing a strong education to missionary families, and local Cameroonians.

For more about the Youngs, visit www.5youngsinafrica.org. (I apologize that this website needs updating).