The R66 Helicopter

Please consider involvement in helping to field a Robinson R66 helicopter for service in missionary aviation. But first let me share by answering the question, how does a helicopter advance the kingdom of Christ?

In certain parts of the world, where terrain is challenging, roads infrastructure is limited and rains are especially heavy, a helicopter is THE tool for access.   In those places, aviation makes an enormous difference when attempting to reach people and communities that truly live “at the ends of the earth.” Cameroon’s mountainous regions bordering Nigeria are among those kinds of places. A helicopter is particularly strategic in that it can land at just about any soccer field in Cameroon, and every village has one. The access enabled by a helicopter is truly amazing and allows for support of missionaries, Bible translators and other language development workers as well as medical staff that must access the “interior” to bring needed health care to villagers living far away from hospitals. And often, calls for emergency transport of patients can only occur using a helicopter. The helicopter serves those who are serving others in very difficult environments, and the helicopter serves people-in-crisis. Both are helping to advance the gospel as it serves to enable and encourage evangelism, discipleship, Bible translation, community development and compassionately offering life-saving access to urgently needed medical care. In both cases, “love-in-action” is occurring in the name of Christ, pointing others to Him.

In Cameroon, cash gifts or CMB transfers can be arranged by contacting NGWA Concilia at

From anywhere, you can make a contribution on-line by visiting this webpage…        (See the note below).

***This is very important. Please, so that I can update and post the progress regularly toward the goal of $60,000, I ask that the following notations be included when processing your gift. This will direct your gift to this Robinson R66 project, and allow for tracking so that we can update this web page.

On-line gifts…

Please follow these steps.

  • Visit
  • Select button “Give On-line.”
  • Enter the amount of your gift. Select “ADD.”
  • Select “Checkout as Guest”.
  • Scroll to bottom to find “Additional gift details”. Locate “Questions, comments or special instructions” and check that box.
  • In the “your comments” field that appears, enter “My Missionary Marathoner CFB66” or “M3 CFB66”.

Or give by check, addressing your check to:

JAARS (AAI#a400)
Box 248
Waxhaw, NC 28173

Please attach to your check a note stating “My Missionary Marathoner CFB66” or “M3 CFB66”. This notation will direct your gift to this Robinson R66 Helicopter project, and allow for tracking so that we can update and post the progress regularly toward the goal of $60,000.

Give by Phone:


Remember to tell the receptionist that your gift should be tracked with others given for “My Missionary Marathoner CF866.”

A word about the Goals… at first I contemplated more modest goals; goals easily achievable. But my heart swelled with conviction that I was proceeding timidly, as if I were a man of little faith. Doesn’t Eph 3:20 describe God as “able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to the power that is at work within us”?

R66 – The stated goal is $60,000.   SIL Cameroon (the mission my family was sent by WBT/JAARS to work with more than 15 years ago) currently operates 2 airplanes and 1 helicopter, an R44. This R44 has based in the mountainous NW Region where it served in missionary aviation to provide needed transportation to missionaries, Bible translators and Cameroonians in medical crisis. Visit to learn how this current helicopter has impacting lives. But it needs to be replaced. It’s chosen successor is the R66, which is faster, stronger, seats an additional passenger and uses locally available Jet fuel. It has arrived in Cameroon, currently in the Douala port awaiting customs release. But its funding is not yet complete, at 65% funded. The goal of $60,000 is only a part of the remaining need of more than $730,000. But it is a significant part and raising funds beyond the $60,000 would be even more wonderful.

R66 in flight

R66 being dedicated by prayer at JAARS in N.C., preparing for service in Cameroon.